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  1. I bought a pair of those G4ME ZERO's and a pair of the open back G4ME ONE's. I sent the Zero's back. I pull my nice HD600's out only a few times a year because they have to be tethered to the amp, and even if I had a portable amp, the 10ft cord is too long to walk around with. However, I use my G4ME ONE's about 16 hours a day, for gaming, YouTube, listening to music, podcasts, audio books, phone calls, YouTube recording, everything. They've got comfort, they've got easy to drive quality sound, and they've got a mic. They're perfect. I have two, one in each color. I even sleep in them. I haven't really taken them off in years.

  2. I am new to headphones, and was looking for a solid headset that could do everything (gaming and music). I went with these, and I am finding them a bit uncomfortable. Maybe it is just me, but the pressure on my head is hard to bear for long sessions, and I cant even wear my glasses with these. Idk, I'm considering returning these. Sound quality is great tho.

  3. Sennheiser PC360 (gaming) is open … buyed them used … worth there mnoney xD
    Good mic too (at the time best on all headphones) xD

  4. I purchased these about a month ago and for gaming they are great and much, much better than my previous Turtle Beach gaming headset for around the same price. I feel that they are excellent for music when hooking them up to a board with a powered amp. Otherwise I use my KRK KNS-8400 headphones.

  5. the Game Zeros are pretty much crap in comparison with the G4me Zero/PC350 SE. you should have reviewed these instead of the Game Zero. and yes, there is a difference between those 2/3

  6. Well all i want to know is like 3 headsets which are good for gaming, i didn't found a pro audio who can tell me "THOSE ARE THE BEST"
    And yeah i already have a sound card, that why i'm tired to see 99999999999 "good" gaming headphone but none is the best…..


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